SAP Solman - Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis is used to monitor and analyze the SAP Solman Landscape and to identify the component causing the problem. Using Root Cause diagnostic agent, you can perform an end-to-end diagnostics that provides a structured evaluation method to find the root causes of an undesired outcome and the actions adequate to prevent recurrence.

End-to-End Root Cause Analysis in SAP Solution Manager offers capabilities for cross system and technology root cause analysis. In heterogeneous landscapes especially, it is important to isolate a problem causing component as fast as possible and involve the right experts for problem resolution.

With the tool set provided by Root Cause Analysis, this is possible with the same tool regardless of the technology an application is based on. It allows a first in depth analysis by a generalist avoiding the ping-pong game during an analysis between different expert groups.

The screenshot shows the Root Cause Analysis work center provided.

Root Cause

Each tab contains the further work areas to perform the diagnostic for different technical objects −

  • End-to-End analysis

    • End-to-End Change Analysis

    • End-to-End Exception Analysis

    • End-to-End Trace Analysis

    • End-to-End Workload Analysis

  • System Analysis

    • Change Reporting

    • Expert Analysis

    • Log Viewer

  • Host Analysis

    • File System Browser

  • OS Command Console

    • Database Analysis

    • Database Monitoring