SAP Solman - Features

Following are the key features that are provided by SAP Solution Manager −

  • Centralized Administration Work Center − Using SAP Solman, you can manage central access of all functions for administrative tasks.

  • Landscape Management Database − It provides central source of systemlandscape description data.

  • Issue Management − You can document the problem and issue tracing using issue management feature.

  • Roadmaps − Using Roadmaps, you can create predefined project plans to cover most important tasks and phases in project implementation as a part of solution implementation.

  • Template Management − To roll out templates globally, you can use template management.

  • Test Management − Using Test management, you can perform central test management from test planning to evaluation phase.

  • Change Control Management − You can use a central change management process, which is integrated with Transport Management. You can transport ABAP and non-ABAP projects using Transport Management Infrastructure.

  • IT Service Management − This is centrally managed and covers IT infrastructure. You can align IT management processes as per Information Technology Infrastructure Library ITIL. You can set up external Service Desk and access SAP service-support center.

  • Business Process Operations − Automation of business processes is available in SAP Solution Manager. You can also monitor business critical processes.

  • Application Operations − You can use Application Operations dashboards to display the availability and performance of your managed systems.

  • Maintenance Management − You can use Maintenance Planner to create maintenance plans and stack XML files for installation using Software Update Manager (SUM). You can also use system recommendations option to find and display suitable SAP Notes. Maintenance optimizer can be used to start the maintenance process in production system. This provides you detailed instructions for downloading and installing maintenance files in the system.