SAP Solman - Template Management

In SAP Solution Manager, using template management you can create templates at global level – for blueprint documents, business scenarios, and configuration and they can be distributed. The templates can be reused in other projects and solutions.

Creating a Template

In SAP Solution Manager, to create a template, you have to start with a template project.

Step 1 − Go to Project Administration,

Creating a Template

Step 2 − Next, enter the Project name and select the Project Type. Project type would be the Template Project to create a Template. Select the Solution where you want to create this Project.

Template Project

Step 3 − In the next window, you have to enter the following details- Language, Project Title, Person Responsible, and other options under General tab.

Person Responsible

Step 4 − Once you enter all the details, click the save button at the top. You have to select Enhancement version and Release. Click Continue. Select Package → Continue.

Enhancement Version

Step 5 − Next click the Templates tab at the top. Click the Create Template button. Enter Template and name and click Continue.

Create template

Step 6 − You can create multiple templates in one project. Select Global Rollout Functionality is Active for the templates.

Global Rollout

Step 7 − Go to System Landscape tab and select logical component/System to add to projects. You can perform a search for a particular system/logical component.

Change Project

Step 8 − When all the logical components are selected under System Landscape, click the Save button at the top.

Save Button

Step 9 − Next define Business Blueprint structure, go to Edit → Business Blueprint Fill.

Step 10 − Select the structure file → Open → Continue.


Step 11 − Next is to define Business Blueprint, click on Goto → Project → Business Blueprint


Step 12 − Navigate to Business Scenarios in the left pane. Select Scenario names. Go to Structure → Scenario Name and select Scenario.

Select Scenario

Step 13 − Assign templates and set global attributes. Go to Template and select the templates created.

To select Attributes, go to Global Attribute and select Global from the drop-down list. Once you select the templates and global attributes, click the save button at the top.

Global Attribute

Releasing Templates for the Projects

To release the templates for projects,

Step 1 − Click Goto → Project Data to come to the main screen. Go to the Template tab and select template. Click Change Visibility to release the templates.

Change Visibility Project Data

Both the templates will change visibility to Green and they can be used in projects.

Visibility to Green