SAP Solman - Service Desk

When you create a Support message, it is directly assigned to the Solution Manager Service Desk.

The screenshot shows the Service Desk homepage.

Service Desk


Let us say you want to create a new Sales Order and an Order type is missing.

Step 1 − Go to Help → Create Support Message

Create Sales Order

Step 2 − Enter short text and message description and click the Submit button. You will get a prompt- message XXXXX successfully created in support Desk system.

Step 3 − To create an Incident, go to the Transaction Monitor under Service Desk in Solman.

SAP Easy Access

Step 4 − In Transaction Monitor, select Transaction Type- ZSMD Service Desk Message Type, and click Execute.

Transaction Monitor

Step 5 − You will see the Support Message created in the list as shown below. Open the Support message.

Service Processes

Step 6 − Click the Edit button and change the status to In Process. Once you make the changes, click the save button at the top.

IN Process

Step 7 − First level support team can see if the issue has occurred before. They can check solution database to find any similar issues.

Solution Database

Step 8 − In case there is no solution that matches the description, Service Desk support forwards the incident to the 2nd level support.

Fast Entry

Step 9 − The 2nd Level support team can check the Solution directory to find any past records matching this incident description. If the solution is not available, they can also check SAP Market Place. If no solution is provided, Incident can be forwarded to SAP Global support team.

Display Solution

Step 10 − To send the message to SAP Active Global support, click Actions → Send Message to SAP.

Send Message

Once the issue is fixed, you can move to Incident Closure with documentation of all the steps that have been performed to fix the issues.