SAP Solman - Reporting

You can create various interactive reports and Dashboards in SAP Solution Manager.

Interactive Reporting

Interactive reporting allows you to display most important metrics of the objects in System Landscape. The following object types are available −

  • Systems
  • Hosts
  • Databases
  • Scenarios

You can use SAP BW system to move these metrics. Reports are created to get a quick view of the Key Performance Indicators. Reports can be created for the following metric values

  • Capacity Reports
  • Availability Reports
  • Performance Reports
  • Usage

Application Dashboards

Application Dashboards allow you create Dashboards to ensure that your technical systems and scenarios are available and performing as per the requirement. Application Dashboard can show the following values

  • System Availability
  • System Performance
  • EUE Reporting

Service Level Reporting

Service Level Reporting is used to monitor internal and external service level agreement. This report is based on SAP Early Watch Alert. This report consistently performs check on KPI’s

  • System Availability
  • Threshold Report
  • Periodic reports as per specific time period.

Note − The Service Level Reports can be stored in HTML format or MS Word format.

Service Level Reports

To create a Service Level Report, go to Service Level Report view.

To create HTML report

  • Select the link to a Service Level Report.
  • In HTML format, you can the report in mail as an attachment to multiple recipients.

To create MS Word document report

To get Service Level Report in doc format, click the Word format symbol and select the report that you want in Doc format. This report comes as an attachment in Report view.