SAP IDM - Using Processes

In SAP Identity management, you can create new processes and use developer studio to drag processes in workflow. You can disable/enable packages by navigating to Package properties.

Navigate to General tab of process properties to enable/disable the Process. Under General tab, you have the following options −

  • Field

  • Description

  • Enabled

  • Process ID/Name

Process ID shows the number that is used to identify the process in IdM database.

Using Processes

Using Process Properties

A process in an Identity store defines the set of operations that are executed in a particular sequence. You see the below options for Process property −

Using Process Properties


Using General tab, you can enable/disable the process or define the process type. You can also define a repository for the process.

Result Handling

This tab can be used to perform result handling for the processes.


In this field, you can provide the documentation of a process.