SAP IDM - Identity Center Properties

Identity Center is the main component of SAP IDM which provides key functionality for identity management system. Identity center uses identity store to manage all the key functions. SAP Identity center is usually installed with a management console, and other runtime components. For using logon service via Active Directory server for self-service password management, SAP IDM should be configured with Identity center.

Following are the key functions performed using Identity Center −

  • Password reset

  • Business and workflows

  • Logging

  • Audit trail

  • Reporting

  • Provisioning

Identity Center

SAP Identity Center contains the following components −

Management Console

Management console is a plug in in MMC and is used for setting up the starting configuration for different tasks and jobs in provisioning flows.

Database Management

SAP Identity center uses the database to maintain all the information about provisioning tasks and business workflows, logging information and audit trails, and identity store, etc.

You can use following DB’s in identity Center −

  • Oracle Version 10/11

  • DB2

  • MS SQL Server 2005/2008

Copying Identity Center Configuration

To copy SAP Identity center configuration and data from one database to other, you can use system copy. For this task, you can find job in SAP Community network. Download the Zip file from SCN and extracts the file and below steps to be performed −

  • Creating Dispatcher

  • Import the job folder

  • Configuring the imported repository

To pass dispatcher script, you have to navigate to Options Tab -> Create Dispatcher Scripts

Copying Identity Center Configuration Create Dispatcher Scripts

After script is created, you need to pass the details for run jobs and runtime engine. To define this, navigate to Policy tab -> select Run Jobs check box.

Run Jobs Check Box

You can check the Dispatcher status under Options tab -> To update the status click on Refresh button. The status is showing under Service state field.

Dispatcher Status under Options Tab

You can also select dispatcher service to auto start. For this, select the checkbox Automatic start field to enable the same.

Checkbox Automatic Start Field

You can also manage Dispatcher job to stop/start manually. For this, you can use Start and Stop option below Service State −

Service State