SAP IDM - Migration to New Version

You can also upgrade SAP Identity Management 7.1/7.2 to version 8.0. If you are running with SAP IdM v7.1 then to upgrade to version 8.0, you need to first upgrade to SAP IdM v7.2. To migrate to SAP identity management 8.0, your current system should be running on v7.2 SP09 or v7.2 SP10.

SAP Identity Management v8.0 has some critical improvements from older versions −

  • Option to use IDM Developer Studio as Eclipse plug-in

  • Ease of integration with other SAP systems

  • Better security and access controls

Below checks should be performed before starting the upgrade −

  • All dispatchers should be stopped.

  • REST API and user interface should be stopped.

  • Backup of database and identity data should be taken.

  • To upgrade SAP IdM database, you should use mxmc_update script.

You can perform the installation of SAP Idm 8.0 version separately and post installation, you need to copy key.ini file from 7.2 system to mentioned path −

  • Use this location on DB node- /usr/sap/<SID>/SYS/global/security/data/Key/Keys.ini

  • Use this location on runtime environment- /usr/sap/<SAPSID>/IDM<Instance_Number>/Identity_Center/Key/Keys.ini

  • You should set Keys.ini file referred to this path- \\<host>\sapmnt\<SAPSID>\SYS\global\security\data\Key\Keys.ini, where <SAPSID> is the SAP system ID of SAP Identity Management system

  • Next is to perform the Import of identity store from SAP IdM v7.2

  • Next is to perform the Import of repositories from SAP IdM v7.2

  • Next is to perform the Import job folders from SAP IdM v7.2

  • Next is to perform the Import data from SAP IdM v7.2