SAP IDM - Integration using GRC 10.0

You can integrate SAP Identity management system with Access control GRC by enabling set of processes in Identity center. With use of SAP IdM system, you can perform Provisioning in multiple connected systems based on compliance rules defined in Access Control. Based on communication defined between Identity management and Access Control, you can trigger below calls for implementing role synchronization.

  • RFC Communication

  • Web Service Communication

To import GRC Provisioning framework to Identity Center, you can use the separate package “” in SAP Identity Management 8.0 version. This package provides the repository type, initial provisioning processes, jobs, and scripts to perform the initial load.

This package provides the set of internal and public processes. Below shows the list of public processes −

List of Public Processes

Following screenshot shows the package structure for integrating GRC Access control to Identity Management −

Access Control to Identity Management