SAP IDM - Identity Store Forms

Identity store forms are used to maintain entries in identity store such as privilege, user, roles, etc. A set of forms are default delivered as package in provisioning framework. An identity form usually contains below fields −

  • Attribute definitions

  • Access control

  • UI configuration details

Usually forms are defined as public objects inside a package however you can remove them from public and read them. There are other guided activities apart from default form as given below −

View Assignment Request Forms

These forms can be used to check the status of assignment requests and can be used to authorize user to restart any failed activity.

Assignment Request Form

This is used to provide one or more assignment to a user and usually use for providing context-based roles.

Password Reset

This is used to provide user with guided activity to reset the passwords.

Password Reset

To create a form, navigate to Forms folder in the package using Identity Management developer studio $\rightarrow$ New.

Next is to take action as per below form options −

If you want to create a Form folder, Select Folder option.

Or to create a form $\rightarrow$ Select Form.

Or to create a guided task form $\rightarrow$ Select Assignment Request/ View Assignment Request/Password Reset form.

You can also configure the form properties, following tabs are available and after making changes, navigate to File -> Save.

  • General

  • Result Handling

  • Attributes

  • Access Control

  • Presentation

  • Documentation

Create a form


This tab is used to perform general properties for a form. Below are the options under General tab −

Field Description
Enabled To enable/disable form


This shows a number that identifies the form within the Identity Management database.

Form Type

This is used to define the form type. The following values are available −

  • Regular

  • Access Control Form

  • Display Form

  • Search Form


This option can be used to link the repository to the form. While running the form, selected repository is used.

Result Handling

This is used to configure the result handling part of the form.


This is used to define the form attributes.


Parameter is used to configure the guided activity- assignment request/view assignment request/ password reset.

Access Control

Using this tab, you can define the access part for the form.


This is used to configure form presentation.


You can provide form description in this tab.