SAP IDM - Maintaining Packages

As mentioned earlier in this tutorial, Package is smallest unit of configuration which can be a connector or collection of utilities used by other packages in Repository. Few default packages are delivered as a part of Identity management core component and imported to database to provide the starting point for solution.

Package has set of features which are used to maintain them in the Identity management repositories. Following are the key features −

  • Package Qualified name

  • User Editing

  • Authorization

  • Version control

  • Objects

  • Transporting packages

Package Qualified Name

Each package in SAP Identity system has qualified name which contains base name which is provided during installation and package name which is passed during package creation. Base name passed during installation usually contains alphanumeric, numbers, underscore and dot. Ex − Package name passed during package creation is globally unique i.e., you cannot have same package name in different identity stores in SAP IDM.

User Editing

To make changes to a package, you must check out and once changes are done, you should check in to make updated configuration available to other packages. When a package is checked out, no other user can make the configuration modification to that package.


To access the package content, user should have permissions on that package. Users can have different level of authorization on packages in identity store. Below are common authorization exists on the package −

  • Owner

  • View

  • Developer

  • Import

  • Layout Developer

Version Control

Using version control of package, you can restore the previous version of the package. Package usually has two version numbers, Major version and Minor version.

Major Version − Whenever you make changes to a package and make it public, major version is incremented.

Minor Version − When you check in a package every time, minor version is incremented.


You can define the objects used in package as public or private. A public object can be called by other packages.

Transporting Packages

Each package in an identity store is transported separately.

Note − To perform provisioning framework in SAP IDM Developer Studio, you must import an engine package, a custom package and connector package.

Transporting Packages