SAP IDM - Maintaining Jobs

In SAP IDM, jobs are stored inside Job folder under package and are executed inside an identity store. Following actions can be performed −

  • Creating a new job

  • Enable/Disable an existing job

  • Executing a job

To create a new Job, select Job Folder of the package and select New $\rightarrow$ Job. You can pass the Job name, connect to a dispatcher and define the Job properties.

To Create a New Job,

You can also define the Job properties. To define the Job properties -> Select the job in the tree view and click on Properties option from context menu.

Define Job Properties

Below options are available −

  • General

  • Logging

  • State

  • Documentation


To save the changes to a Job, go to File $\rightarrow$ Save.

Below options are available to define Job Properties under General tab −

Enabled − This check box can be used to enable/disable the job.

Job ID/Name − This shows the unique ID and job name.

Schedule Rule − The schedule rule is used to define job execution frequency.

Schedule Time − The schedule time displays the time when the job is scheduled to run.

You can also select “Run to schedule the job” to be run immediately. The scheduled time is set to the current time.

Schedule Time

To stop a running job, you can click on “Stop” button.

Run by Dispatcher(s) − You can choose the dispatcher(s) that are allowed to run this job.