SAP IDM - Connecting SAP ABAP Systems

You can configure your SAP Identity management system to connect to SAP ABAP system and provision ABAP users. In SAP IdM 8.0 or higher Provisioning framework, you have connector delivered as separate package with name “”. This connector can be used to communicate SAP Identity management system with SAP ABAP system for user provisioning.

SAP ABAP System for User Provisioning

Creating a job for update

In IdM developer studio tree view, you have to select connector package for which you want to create job. Ex: For ABAP connector package “”.

Next is to go to Jobs folder, copy the initial job load and rename the Job for ABAP update in required update, “ABAP- Update”.

Creating a job for update

Keep the below pass active and disable the other passes −

  • ReadABAPRoles

  • ReadABAPProfiles

  • ReadABAPCompanyAddress

  • ReadJavaRoles

  • WriteABAPRolePrivileges − only if corresponding Read pass is active

  • WriteABAPProfilePrivileges − only if corresponding Read pass is active

  • WriteABAPCompanyAddress − only if ReadJavaRoles pass is active

  • WriteJavaRolePrivileges − only if corresponding ReadJavaRoles pass is active

There are other packages in SAP IdM developer Studio which can be used to connect to other SAP systems. You have to search for SAP Provisioning Framework packages, choose IdM files and select the correct file.

For example, to connect to SAP HANA system, you can select the HANA connector package file “”.

HANA Connector Package

Select the required package, and the package will be imported to Identity Management Developer Studio.

Identity Management Developer Studio