SAP IDM - Developer Studio

SAP IDM Developer Studio is an Eclipsed based plug in and used to configure Identity management solution. This is a client-based tool and has to be installed on each developer or administrator system. To enable Identity Management developer studio, From Eclipse User interface, navigate to Help -> Install New software.

Install New Software

Next is to provide the repository site where the plugin is available from. Click on “Add…” as shown in below screenshot −

Repository Site

This will open Add Repository dialog box, pass the name like- “SAP Identity Management Developer Studio: and under location field, pass URL of Identity Management Developer Studio plugin. Provide this URL for Eclipse Oxygen (4.7) -> OK.

When you expand SAP Identity Management Tools, Select SAP Identity Management Developer Studio checkbox and click on Next.

SAP Identity Management Tools

Configuring SAP IdM Developer Studio

In SAP IDM Developer studio, you can add connection to IDM database. You need to pass the below details −

  • Application Server name

  • Port

  • Data Source

Under Preferences -> Connections -> “ click on + sign “.


Provide the required information and click on OK to add the Database. Once you add the database, you can expand and see the tree view.

Add the Database