SAP IDM - Architecture

SAP identity management system is used to maintain identity data across different ECC applications. You can import data from different SAP applications to IDM based on available authorizations. From backend application, after importing the authorizations- privileges are added to system and this is then sync to backend applications.

User interfaces are used to perform the different self-management identity tasks in identity store and changes are replicated back to backend applications.

SAP Architecture

Most of SAP Identity management components run on NetWeaver application and Java server. Few of important component of SAP IdM includes −

  • SAP Identity Store

  • User interface for users and Administrators

  • IdM Database

  • IdM Developer Studio

  • Developer Studio Service

  • Runtime component

Identity store provides a consistent view of identity data from multiple sources and helps in managing business processes, logging and auditing, password management and reporting feature for access management. Identity center collects the data from different application repositories, transform to required formats and replicate it back to source repositories.

Few components of IDM run on SAP NetWeaver AS for Java and this includes Identity Management User Interface for users and administrators however few of other components are installed separately and stand-alone components. Key components of SAP IDM architecture mentioned below −

Key Components of SAP IDM Achitecture

Administrators can install SAP Identity Management using Software Provisioning Manager 1.0 installation tool. Provisioning Manager 1.0v installs all SAP Identity Management components except IDM Developer Studio client, Logon Help and SAP IDM Password management utility. Mentioned components to be installed manually using external client tools.

SAP IDM Dispatcher Utility

This is used to create new dispatchers in IDM system. With use of user interface component- you can also stop or start the dispatchers. This can be done via user interface component or using command line option.

IDM Runtime Engine

This component of IDM is used for synchronization and provision tasks and requires SAP Java Virtual Machine for execution.