SAP IDM - Identity Reporting using SAP BW

You can also use SAP Business Warehouse system fo reporting purpose. To use BW for reporting, you should setup the connectivity between SAP IDM and BW. Post that you need to transfer identity store data to BW. To connect SAP BW, you can use SAP package available in IdM developer Studio.

Below software components will be required while using SAP BW for reporting purpose −

  • Identity Center

  • Virtual Directory Server (VDS)

  • SAP NetWeaver BW

  • Web service on the BW system

To start with the data transfer, you need to create a job in the Identity Center that triggers a Web service call from the Virtual Directory Service to the Persistent Staging Area on the BW system.

You can have multiple call configured depends on the amount of data to be transferred. This is used for both, i.e., initial load of the data and to perform the subsequent delta loads.

Identity Reporting Using SAP BW