SAP SRM - Procurement

Procurement functions are seamlessly integrated between SAP ERP and SRM. There are various business functions that allow a fully integrated, end-to-end procurement management solution to improve both compliance and procurement management process as per business requirements. It helps in closing the gap in ERP sourcing functionality using SRM capabilities and provides a common UI for designing integrated procurement processes.

Follow this data for Procurement in SRM Integration

Technical Data
Technical Name of Business Function LOG_MM_P2PSE_
Type of Business Function Enterprise Business Function
Technical Usage Central Applications
Application Component MM-PUR, MM-SRV

When you use this business function for integration of procurement management process in ERP with SRM, following business functions are activated by default −

  • Procure to Pay LOG_MM_CI_2
  • Operations enterprise services 2 LOG_ESOA_OPS_2

This business function can be used to implement specific functions for buyers that allows you to further optimize service procurement across SAP ERP and SAP SRM.

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