SAP SRM - Functions

You can perform various functions in SAP SRM. Using the SAP SRM portal, a user can use self-service option for different options.

The key functions in SAP SRM include the following −


In SAP SRM, screens are easy to navigate. SRM portal has a user-friendly and easy to manage look.


In SAP SRM portal, you can easily perform search for different products and suppliers. Search criteria is easy to use.

You can also restrict the number of entries in Search.


To see the details, select the object and click the OK button.


Purchase Orders

You can create purchase orders for a few of the material type. POs are also automatically created for some materials and suppliers.

Account Assignment

A user can also define default account preferences. Cost assignments can be defined as per quantity, percentage or value of the material. You can also search G/L codes online using search option.


In SAP SRM, the approval process for Purchase Orders is very easy. This allows organization to perform goods requisition in an easy and simple manner.

Copying and Deleting

A user can use copying option to copy the items in the shopping cart. Edit option can be easily used to edit the address, cost distribution, etc.

Deletion is also easy in shopping cart as you can easily select a good in cart and delete it.

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