SAP SRM - Supplier Evaluation

Supplier evaluation is one of the key processes in maintaining and improving long term relationships with the suppliers.

SAP supports two main methodologies for Supplier Evaluation −

  • Event-driven evaluation, triggered from confirmation, invoice, and advanced supplier list.

  • Ad-hoc surveys using the Supplier Survey Cockpit

Creating Supplier Survey Cockpit

Each supplier survey has a unique id and you need to configure the number range in SAP server. Go to SRM Server → Cross Application Basic Settings → Number Ranges → SRM Server Number ranges → Define number range for survey.

Creating Supplier Survey Cockpit

You can enter numeric and alphanumeric ranges in the number range.

Maintain Number Range Intervals

Evaluation Area

You can also define the evaluation area — how a survey can be classified and a part of the organization is evaluated.


Evaluation areas could be Marketing, Production and Finance.

Step 1 − To define Evaluation Area, go to SRM Server → Supplier Evaluation → Evaluation Area

Evaluation Area

Step 2 − Click on new entries and enter the area and description. To save the area click on the Save icon at the top

Enter Area Description

Evaluation Category

In supplier evaluation, you can divide each survey as per the evaluation category. This refers to the questionnaire and the target group.


Delivery, Quality, etc.

Step 1 − To define the Evaluation area, go to SRM Server → Supplier Evaluation → Evaluation category.

Supplier Evaluation

Step 2 − To send and receive questionnaires via email, you have to create mail user using transaction SU01.

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