SAP SRM - Software Components

There are various application and technology components that are a part of SAP Supplier Relationship Management product. Application components include components that are required to create RFx and submit bids, for financial management, BI needs, Enterprise portal for application interaction and other various components to perform different functions.

Technology component consists of NetWeaver Process Integration to integrate with SAP and non-SAP external systems, SAP GUI for configuration, and R/3 plugin for Master Data.

Let’s see each of the components under application and technology in detail −

SAP Supplier Relationship Management Server

SAP SRM server includes SAP SRM server and SAP Bidding engine. SAP SRM is based on SAP NetWeaver application server and is available for different platforms and database. You can check all the releases of SAP SRM on SAP Market place under Product Availability Matrix (PAM).

SAP SRM Bidding Engine

SAP SRM Bidding Engine can be used to create and process requests for bids; bidders can submit bids and other functions in RFx.

Bidding engine defines the rules for bidding and bidders can use it to submit bids in the system.

SAP NetWeaver BI

In SAP SRM spend analysis, BI is primarily used and requires Application server ABAP on the same system. It may also require Java Application server and SAP Enterprise portal.

SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Portal

This is used as an entry point for users to manage applications and information related to SRM. It provides role-based and secure access to applications and services.

Online Transaction Processing System

Various systems can be used for backend transaction processing to manage material and financial queries. SAP ERP system can be used and data exchange occurs between SAP SRM and SAP ERP system.

You can also install SAP SRM as standalone without a backend system.

Live Auction Cockpit Server

LAC web presentation server is a J2ee based software application. This provides the user with an option of real time bidding, real time monitoring and reverse auction options.

Apart from these, technology component also includes SAP Process Integrator for integrating processes from different systems, SAP GUI for configuration and R/e plug in for data exchange between one or more R/3 systems and other components.

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