SAP SRM - Navigation

To check SAP SRM software navigation, you can login to SRM system using SAP GUI client. Select SRM system and enter the user name and password. It will display the SAP Easy Access Supplier Relationship Management screen.

Supplier Relationship Management Screen

In SAP menu, you have various folders like −

  • Master Data
  • Business Partner
  • Products
  • Payment Cards

To open Organization model, you can run T-code or go from Master data → Process Organization Model.

When you build an organization structure, it is created downward. At the top, you have root organization structure and then you have other organization units like subsidiary, business units, etc.

Organization Structure

You can also access SAP SRM Portal Desktop using web URL. The portal area is divided into the following parts −

  • At the top, you have SRM Work Centers.
  • To the left, you have Navigation area.
  • At the bottom, you have Content area.
SRM Work Centers

As per the SRM user role, the left side navigation area is displayed. If you have access, you can see additional fields in SRM portal. On the left side, you can select work set and Person Object Work list will be displayed on the right side.

The results of selected query are displayed in a table form.

Results in Table Form

You can select any of the rows in table and can use the top buttons like display, edit, delete, preview, refresh and export, etc.

In the following screenshot, you can see a table with a three-step approach to add goods to a shopping cart and complete and order.

Three Step Approach

In the shopping cart, you can add, delete, copy, paste or duplicate an item in shopping cart. Note that you need to create a separate shopping cart for each supplier.

Performing search is easy and user-friendly. It eases the process of creating a Purchase Order for a few materials and some suppliers.

In SAP GUI, you can see the following configuration options under SAP SRM −


You can expand SAP SRM to see various settings under SRM system −

SRM Server Various Settings
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