SAP SRM - Post Installation For LAC

In SAP SRM, Live Auction Cockpit allows you to perform auctions in real time scenario. As discussed in the previous chapters, you can convert RFx to Live Auction or can create a new Auction in SRM Portal. As mentioned, Live Auction Cockpit is available in both Java and ABAP.

LAC is deployed as part of the overall installation of SAP SRM with SAP NetWeaver Java Application Server (J2EE Engine). If you install the SRM ABAP system and J2EE Engine on the same machine, ABAP backend system is the default data source, as desired. However, if you install the J2EE Engine on a separate machine, you must change the default setting and select the SRM ABAP backend as the data source for the J2EE Engine.

The following deployment options are available −

  • Live Auction Cockpit on Java Web Server

  • Live Auction Cockpit on ABAP Web Server

  • Live Auction Cockpit on Java Web Server in supplier self-services

  • Live Auction Cockpit on ABAP Web Server in supplier self-services

To facilitate customization, the resource files for the Live Auction Cockpit applet are packaged separately from the web application itself. In order for the applet to retrieve its resources, the web server must make the resource files accessible via HTTP. This is achieved by creating a web alias for the directory that contains the resources. Without this alias, the applet cannot load properly.

To define a Web alias, go to SAP NetWeaver.

You should have administrator privilege for NetWeaver Administration.

NetWeaver Administration

Go to Configuration → Infrastructure → Java HTTP Provider Configuration → Aliases. Click on Add alias → Enter name and path and click on Save button.

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