SAP SRM - Invoicing And Purchase Order

In SAP SRM, you can enter invoices that contain goods with reference from Purchase Orders or without Purchase Order. When invoices are created with reference to Purchase Orders, data from the PO is automatically used in invoice creation from the system.

In SAP SRM, invoices can be created in the following ways −

  • Using local Purchase Orders

  • For which confirmations have already been entered or for which no confirmations are expected.

  • With value limit (provided the value limit has not been exceeded).

  • For services

  • When there are no purchase orders or confirmations, you enter the data from a supplier invoice that you have received by means other than the system.

Creating Collective Invoice

You can also create collective invoices by entering additional purchase orders. Purchase order numbers can be searched in system or you can enter them directly and transfer these purchase orders to the invoice.

The following data must be the same in all purchase orders −

  • Currency

  • Backend System Details

  • Supplier

  • Company Code

  • Withholding Tax − You can enter the withholding tax and this is defined for a country or supplier under Customizing. To define withholding tax, go to SRM Server → Cross Application Basic Settings → Tax Calculation → Activate Withholding tax

Invoicing and Purchasing Order

Tax Calculation
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