SAP SRM - MDM Catalog Upgrade

There is a requirement from clients to upgrade from SRM-MDM Catalog 2.0 service pack 04 to SRM MDM Catalog 7.01 or to upgrade from SRM MDM catalog 7.01 to SRM MDM catalog 7.02 and there shouldn’t be any data loss.

Let us follow these steps to perform catalog −

Step 1 − Uninstall the old SRM-MDM Catalog 7.01 components.

Step 2 − Install the new SRM-MDM Catalog 7.02 installation packages.

Step 3 − Upgrade the existing repositories.

Step 4 − When repository upgrade is completed, load repositories with index updating.

Step 5 − Perform upgrade SRM-MDM Catalog Search UI.

You may also need to perform these optional steps −

  • You can upgrade SRM-MDM Catalog Web UI for Approver.
  • You can upgrade MDM Web UI.
  • You can upgrade MDM ABAP AP.
  • Perform all the component-specific activities.
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