SAP SRM - System Landscape

As mentioned in previous chapters, in SAP SRM you can go for various deployment scenarios based on the business requirement. Different deployment scenarios support different procurement processes and the processing of goods receipt and invoices.

In SRM, you can use the following two types of data exchange −

  • Using external user interfaces
  • Using external system interfaces

It is recommended that you use SAP Web Dispatcher to access the SRM components that are protected in internal firewall and are not known to outside users. SAP Web Dispatcher is also used to implement SAP security standards in common scenario.

System Landscape

To implement security, it is necessary to find out the software component you need to install as per the business scenario and the SAP SRM package.

Operational Contract Management

Let us now understand Operational Contract Management.

We have the following processes under Operational Contract Management −

  • Strategic Sourcing: For Strategic Sourcing, you can use −

    • RFx

    • Live Auction cockpit

    • Service procurement

    • Service procurement

    • Service procurement external staffing

    • Catalog management

  • Self-user Service SUS: For Self-user Service SUS, you can use −

    • SUS Classic

    • SUS extended classic

    • BI Analytics

    • Spend Analysis

    • Supplier Evaluation

    • SAP SRM procurement for Public sector

As per the software components, you have to decide the deployment scenario and security guidelines in SAP SRM system.

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