Flex - Complex Controls


Complex controls provides users advanced capabilities to deal with large amount of data in an easy way and provides them interaction capability with the application. Every Complex UI control inherits properties from UIComponent class which in turn inherits properties from EventDispatcher and other top level classes.

S.N.Control & Description
1Flex EventDispatcher Class
The EventDispatcher class is the base class for all classes that can dispatch events. The EventDispatcher class allows any object on the display list to be an event target and as such, to use the methods of the IEventDispatcher interface.
2Flex UIComponent
The UIComponent class is the base class for all visual components, both interactive and noninteractive.

Complex Controls

Following are few important Complex Controls:

S.N.Control & Description
The DataGrid control displays a row of column headings above a scrollable grid.
The AdvancedDataGrid adds few additional functionality to the standard DataGrid control to add data visualization features.
The Menu control creates a pop-up menu of individually selectable choices.
The ProgressBar control provides a visual representation of the progress of a task over time.
The RichTextEditor control lets users enter and format text.
The TileList control The TileList control displays a number of items laid out in tiles.
The Tree control lets a user view hierarchical data arranged as an expandable tree.
The VideoPlayer control is a skinnable video player that supports progressive download, multi-bitrate streaming, and streaming video.
An Accordian control has a collection of child MX containers or Spark NavigatorContent containers, but only one of them at a time is visible.
The TabNavigator control includes a TabBar container for navigating between its child containers.
The ToggleButtonBar control defines a horizontal or vertical group of buttons that maintain their selected or deselected state.