Flex - Form Controls


Form controls allows users to input data and provides them interaction capability with the application. Every Form UI control inherits properties from UIComponent class which in turn inherits properties from EventDispatcher and other top level classes.

S.N.Control & Description
1Flex EventDispatcher Class
The EventDispatcher class is the base class for all classes that can dispatch events. The EventDispatcher class allows any object on the display list to be an event target and as such, to use the methods of the IEventDispatcher interface.
2Flex UIComponent
The UIComponent class is the base class for all visual components, both interactive and noninteractive.

Form Controls

Following are few important Form Controls:

S.N.Control & Description
The Button component is a commonly used rectangular button.
The ToggleButton component defines a toggle button.
The CheckBox component consists of an optional label and a small box that can contain a check mark or not.
The ColorPicker control provides a way for a user to choose a color from a swatch list.
The ComboBox control is a child class of the DropDownListBase control.
The DateChooser control displays the name of a month, the year, and a grid of the days of the month, with columns labeled for the day of the week.
The RadioButton component allows the user make a single choice within a set of mutually exclusive choices.
TextArea is a text-entry control that lets users enter and edit multiple lines of formatted text.
TextInput is a text-entry control that lets users enter and edit a single line of uniformly-formatted text.
The DropDownList control contains a drop-down list from which the user can select a single value.
The NumericStepper control lets you select a number from an ordered set.