CSS - top


The top property defines an offset of the top edge of an absolutely positioned element from the top edge of its positioning context, or the vertical distance which a relatively positioned element will be displaced.

Possible Values

  • length − A fixed distance from the top of the positioning context.

  • percent − Some percentage of the height of the positioning context, assuming that the height of the context has been set explicitly. If not, then a percentage value for top is treated as though it were auto.

  • auto − Default. Lets the browser calculate the top position.

Applies to

All the HTML positioned element.

DOM Syntax

object.style.top = "2px";


Here is the example which shows effect of this property −


      <p style = "position:absolute; top:100px;">
         This line will be positioned 100px below from the top edge of this window.

It will produce the following result −