CSS - text-indent


The text-indent property defines an indentation distance for the first line of text in a block-level element.

Possible Values

  • length − Any length value. Negative lengths are permitted for the property, and will produce a "hanging indent" effect.

  • percentage − The first line of text is indented by a distance relative to the width of the element's containing block.

Applies to

All the block-level elements.

DOM Syntax

object.style.textIndent = "20px";


Following is the example which demonstrates how to indent the first line of a paragraph −


      <p style = "text-indent:1cm;">
         This text will have first line indented by 1cm 
      <p style = "text-indent:1cm;">
         this line will remain at its actual position this is done by 
         CSS text-indent property.

This will produce following result −