CSS - elevation


The elevation property describes the position of a sound source along the vertical axis of the listener's environment.

Possible Values

  • angle − Angle values are in the range -90deg to 90deg. An angle value of 0deg corresponds to a point which is level with the listener, whereas 90deg corresponds to a point directly above, and -90deg directly below.

  • above − Equivalent to the value 90deg.

  • level − Equivalent to the value 0deg.

  • below − Equivalent to the value -90deg.

  • higher − Causes the sound source to be shifted upwards by 10deg.

  • lower − Causes the sound source to be shifted downwards by 10deg.

Applies to

All the HTML elements

DOM Syntax

object.style.elevation = "above";


Here is one example −

<style type = "text/css">
      h1   { elevation: above }
      tr.a { elevation: 60deg }
      tr.b { elevation: 30deg }
      tr.c { elevation: level }