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Working with the Families

Utkarsh Shukla
Updated on 10-Nov-2023 15:13:31


As a psychologist working with families, your primary focus would be to help improve the interaction, understanding, and overall functioning of the family unit. This involves working with all participants of the family, including children, parents, and other caregivers, to promote positive interactions and relationships. What is Working with the Families? Working with families as a psychologist involves using your expertise in human behaviour, interpersonal relationships, and interaction to support and improve the functioning of family units. Depending on the unique requirements and difficulties of the family, this may involve a variety of different approaches. Conducting family therapy sessions ... Read More

Working in Schools

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Academic performance, social-emotional learning, and mental health are just a few of the ways in which counsellors may support students, families, and staff. In order to give children the resources they need for success, counsellors act as a bridge between the school and outside services. Meaning of Working in Schools For those who are passionate about education and supporting children's learning and growth, working in schools can be a fulfilling career choice. Counsellors importantly serve students by assisting them in resolving psychological, social, and emotional problems that might be having an effect on their academic achievement. They might also ... Read More

Why is Creativity Important during Childhood?

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Childhood creativity is a vital part of their entire development and can have a big impact on their future success and well−being. Adolescence is a time of fast cognitive, emotional, and social changes, and encouraging creativity during this period can assist Childhood in navigating these changes and developing their particular talents and abilities. Creativity and the Child When we discuss creativity with children, the emphasis is on self−expression rather than the finished result. Naturally, when youngsters are being creative, they will create something. However, the completed result is not their aim. The creative impulse is reflected in the process ... Read More

Transition into Adulthood

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Updated on 10-Nov-2023 15:17:38


Transition is a unique phase in a person's life as it brings along many physical, mental and emotional changes to the body and individual, some people may easily interpret and enjoy the phase while some struggle to adapt to the changes and causes disruptions. It is important to take guidance from elders to have better adaptability during phases of transition. What is the Transition into Adulthood? The transition to adulthood may be both joyful and daunting. It is critical to take the time to consider your alternatives and make the best decision for you. Consider your goals and aspirations, ... Read More

Transition from Childhood into Adolescents

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Updated on 10-Nov-2023 15:18:20


Adolescence may be a difficult journey for children as they learn to understand and navigate new physical, mental, and emotional changes. Adults must provide support and direction to children as they grow to comprehend and accept the changes they are going through. Adults must also listen to adolescents as they navigate their new environment and share their feelings. What is Transition into Adolescents? The transition into adolescence, also known as puberty, is a critical stage in human development during which a child experiences physical, psychological, and social changes. It represents the transition from childhood to adulthood and usually takes ... Read More

Need for Guidance During Adolescence

Utkarsh Shukla
Updated on 10-Nov-2023 15:19:23


Adolescence is a stage in life when advice is extremely valuable. Teenagers are transitioning into maturity during this time, and they are faced with a number of new experiences, decisions, and obstacles. They are still forming their identities and sense of self−worth, and they require adult help and guidance in order to explore and learn in a safe and secure setting. What is The Need for Guidance During Adolescence? Adolescence is an essential and complicated stage of human development in which physical, emotional, social, and cognitive changes occur. It is a period of transition from infancy to maturity, marked ... Read More

Supportive Measures for Children

Utkarsh Shukla
Updated on 10-Nov-2023 15:23:51


The most crucial thing a psychologist can do while offering children supporting measures is to show compassion, pay close attention, and respond to each child’s particular requirements. Though supportive actions may be affected by culture, humanitarian actions are innate in most individuals and they usually support more social influence. What are Supportive Measures? Supportive measures are acts or interventions that are made to assist people and children in coping with trying or challenging circumstances. These actions, which might be physical, emotional, or social in nature, are intended to give consolation, inspiration, and support to people who are having a ... Read More

Spirituality, Religion, and Healthy Development in Adolescents

Utkarsh Shukla
Updated on 10-Nov-2023 15:25:40


Spirituality and Religion can have a great impact on the development of adolescents as they can provide a sense of meaning, purpose, and connection, but this is also bundled with problems such as, it can also lead to identity conflicts, critical thinking suppression, dogmatism, and guilt and shame. It becomes the duty of the guardians and family members to maintain a balance between the dynamics. What is Spirituality, Religion and Healthy Development in Adolescents? Adolescence is a period of transition during which adolescents create a sense of self and identity and lay the groundwork for their future lives. Spirituality ... Read More

Special Issues in Counselling Children in the Asian Context

Utkarsh Shukla
Updated on 10-Nov-2023 15:27:33


Offering counselling or therapy in an Asian environment necessitates a grasp of cultural distinctions, and a respect for traditional values as it requires a deep understanding of cultural values, beliefs, and customs, as well as a sensitivity to the unique challenges and opportunities for growth that may arise. What are the Special Issues in Counselling/Therapy in an Asian Context? When providing counselling or therapy to people from Asian cultures, there are some special considerations to keep in mind. Many Asian cultures, for example, value solidarity and social harmony, and mental health concerns may still be stigmatised and viewed as ... Read More

Socialisation and Self-Determination in Adolescence

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Updated on 10-Nov-2023 15:26:38


Adolescents go through both socialisation and self−determination processes in order to establish their identities and autonomy. Adolescents also build a strong sense of identity and self−worth that serves them throughout their life by learning about society's expectations and having the confidence to make their own judgements. What are Socialisation and Self−Determination in Adolescence? The process of creating one's individual identity and sense of self−worth in connection to the social world is referred to as socialisation and self−determination. Socialisation and self−determination are vital during adolescence in helping young people develop their sense of identity and explore their place in the ... Read More

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