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How to hack android phones with PhoneSploit?

Updated on 20-Oct-2023 15:52:20


Introduction PhoneSploit is an open-source system for hacking Android devices utilizing pernicious apps. Whereas it has genuine employment for security examiners, its control too comes with moral dangers. This article looks at how the PhoneSploit system permits hacking Android gadgets, both in hypothesis and hone. We begin with an audit of the hypothetical setting behind versatile gadget abuse. At that point, we do a specialized jump into PhoneSploit design. At long last, we walk through the method of compromising an Android phone utilizing PhoneSploit to illustrate connected assault methods. What is PhoneSploit? PhoneSploit is a hostile security system created to illustrate Android powerlessness misuse. ... Read More

Access Lists (ACL)

Satish Kumar
Updated on 27-Sep-2023 14:24:43


In computer networking, access control lists (ACLs) are a vital tool used to control network traffic by granting or denying access to specific resources or services. Access lists are typically used on routers, switches, and firewalls to regulate traffic flow in and out of a network. This article will explore access control lists in greater detail, including their purpose, components, types, and examples. What are Access Control Lists (ACLs)? Access control lists (ACLs) are a set of rules that are used to control network traffic based on source or destination IP address, protocol, port number, or other criteria. ACLs are ... Read More

Android Listview in kotlin with example

Priya Mishra
Updated on 23-Aug-2023 14:15:07


Introduction The ListView in Android has the adapterView attributes. This view will display a vertical list of scrollable views that are layered one on top of the other. With the help of an adapter, items from an array or database are imported into the list. The setAdaptor() function is used to display the list's contents and to combine a list and an adapter together to make a list. The ViewGroup is the component of ListView that is used to display the list of objects in an android application. It provides an adapter that allows for the dynamic addition of items ... Read More

How can I learn Java for Android Development?

Priya Mishra
Updated on 23-Aug-2023 11:48:53


Introduction The first question that comes to our mind is how Java came into existence? This project was started by members of the Java team (also known as the Green Team) to create a language for digital devices like set-top boxes, televisions, etc. However, internet programming was where it excelled. Later, Netscape incorporated Java technology. We can use Java language to create applications in the IDE (Integrated development environment) called android studio. But first, we need to know how Java is used for Android development. What is Java? Java is an Object-Oriented programming, general-purpose, and high-level language. It is mainly ... Read More

Difference Between a Tethered and Untethered Jailbreak

Md. Sajid
Updated on 09-Aug-2023 19:07:52


Jailbreaking is the process of removing software restrictions from a mobile device that runs Apple's iOS operating system, such as an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. This gives customers more control over their devices and allows them to install programs, customizations, and themes that aren't available in the official Apple App Store. However, there are other forms of jailbreaks, with the main distinction being "tethered" and "untethered" jailbreaks. Read this article to find out more about Tethered Jailbreak and Untethered Jailbreak and how they are different from each other. What is Tethered Jailbreak? A tethered jailbreak is a sort of ... Read More

Zoom Scroll View in Android

Updated on 01-Aug-2023 15:17:17


Many Android applications have the zoomable scrolling feature, which enables users to pinch or stretch their fingers on the screen to zoom in and out of material like photographs or maps. Using a Zoom Scroll View, a custom view that expands the Android ScrollView and offers built-in support for zooming and scrolling, is one popular method for implementing zoomable scrolling in Android. We shall examine how to implement Zoom Scroll View on Android in this technical writing. In this tutorial, we'll go through the fundamental ideas and procedures needed to develop zoomable scrolling in your Android application using a Zoom ... Read More

Locking Screen Orientation in Android

Updated on 01-Aug-2023 13:55:38


When talking about operating systems powering contemporary must have gadgets like smartphones, tablets and smartwatches Android tops the list without question. Its robust architecture offers almost limitless customizability options combined with an array of features built around elevating users' experiences to a different level entirely. One remarkable addition to Androids capabilities is the screen orientation locking function which allows you to fix the display in either portrait or landscape mode irrespective of how you hold your device. In this write up we highlight why screening locking is critical to optimal use of modern day Android devices and provide intuitive ... Read More

How to Create Group BarChart in Android?

Ayush Singh
Updated on 31-Jul-2023 16:31:31


Information visualisation could be an imperative component of current versatile apps, permitting clients to quickly and instinctively decipher complicated data. Bar charts are a well-known information visualisation approach for comparing information across categories or groupings. In this article, we'll look at how to create a Gathered Bar Chart in Android using the well-known MPAndroidChart library. The MPAndroidChart library offers a comprehensive set of usefulness and customization alternatives for making intelligently and stylishly engaging charts in Android applications. You'll be able to essentially build Assembled Bar Charts by utilising this library, which shows information in discrete bunches for less demanding comparison ... Read More

How to Create Gradient Animations Like Instagram using Spark Library in Android?

Ayush Singh
Updated on 31-Jul-2023 15:43:32


Gradient animations offer an outwardly engaging touch to versatile applications, making strides in general client involvement. Instagram is an outstanding illustration of slope movements, where brilliant and consistently changing colour slopes are utilised to create compelling visual impacts. The Start Library could be a sophisticated apparatus that makes it simpler to form and quicken angles in Android apps. The Start Library, with its basic API and numerous customization options, empowers designers to easily incorporate energetic and eye-catching slope activities. Methods Used Object Animator method Object Animator Method Algorithm Import the necessary classes and libraries − SparkView from ... Read More

How to Create Google Lens Application in Android?

Ayush Singh
Updated on 31-Jul-2023 15:41:32


The ability to extract and analyse text from photos or video feeds is a valuable capability that may considerably improve an Android application's functionality and user experience. Google Lens, a sophisticated image recognition and augmented reality technology developed by Google, is one famous example of such capabilities. Although duplicating the whole functionality of Google Lens is a difficult endeavour, we may investigate a simpler implementation that focuses on text recognition in an Android app using the Google Vision API. Methods Used Text Recognition using Google Vision API in Android Text Recognition using Google Vision API in Android Algorithm ... Read More

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