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How to hack android phones with PhoneSploit?

Updated on 20-Oct-2023 15:52:20


Introduction PhoneSploit is an open-source system for hacking Android devices utilizing pernicious apps. Whereas it has genuine employment for security examiners, its control too comes with moral dangers. This article looks at how the PhoneSploit system permits hacking Android gadgets, both in hypothesis and hone. We begin with an audit of the hypothetical setting behind versatile gadget abuse. At that point, we do a specialized jump into PhoneSploit design. At long last, we walk through the method of compromising an Android phone utilizing PhoneSploit to illustrate connected assault methods. What is PhoneSploit? PhoneSploit is a hostile security system created to illustrate Android powerlessness misuse. ... Read More

Creating Language Detector in Android using Firebase ML Kit

Someswar Pal
Updated on 05-Oct-2023 16:02:53


Introduction There is a wide range of potential language-based apps made possible by building a language detector in Android with Firebase ML Kit. Developers can simply add language recognition capabilities to their Android apps with the help of Firebase ML Kit's robust language identification features. This paves the way for automatic language recognition, which in turn allows for more individualized user experiences regardless of a user's native language. Setting up Firebase ML Kit in Android Studio Follow these steps to set up Firebase ML Kit in Android Studio Installing Firebase ML Kit Dependencies Open your Android Studio project. Add ... Read More

Creating Text Detector in Android using Firebase ML Kit

Someswar Pal
Updated on 05-Oct-2023 16:00:05


Introduction The Android Firebase ML Kit's text detection tool makes it easier to get text from an image, which helps apps like OCR, paper scanning, and augmented reality. This guide shows how to add a text analysis to Android apps. Setting up The Development Environment Set up an Android text detector to work with Firebase ML Kit by running Android Studio and creating a project. Here are steps shown below to do so. Installing Android Studio Downloading and installing Android Studio Setting up the Android SDK Configuring virtual devices for testing Creating a New Android Project Creating ... Read More

Creating Language Translator in Android using Firebase ML Kit

Someswar Pal
Updated on 05-Oct-2023 15:38:22


Introduction In today’s advanced civilization, language translation is important for communication. For ease, Android apps are used for the purpose as its handy and can be carried anywhere. Users can type or speak in these apps and choose the required language and the apps do the same for the users. In this article, we would be learning about how we can create a language translator in Android using Firebase ML kit. Introduction to the Firebase ML Kit for Language Translation Google’s firebase ML kit is one of the easiest and powerful tool for language translation. It supports both Android and ... Read More

How to Create a Chatbot in Android with BrainShop API?

Someswar Pal
Updated on 05-Oct-2023 15:36:47


Introduction We can considerably modernize the user's wits by implementing a chatbot and connecting it with an Android application. This enables for increasingly engaging engagement with the program, which simplifies surfing and obtaining information. In this tutorial, we'll squint at how to create an Android chatbot with the BrainShop API. We will divide the method into multiple sections to offer well-spoken and intelligible instruction. What is BrainShop API With the BrainShop API, programmers can easily incorporate AI and NLP-powered chatbot functionality into their projects. Intentional recognition, entity extraction, and sentiment analysis are just some of the cutting-edge technologies that make ... Read More

Generate Smart Replies in Android Using Firebase ML Kit

Bhavani Vangipurapu
Updated on 05-Oct-2023 15:27:39


Introduction In the quickly changing world of smartphone application development, offering a smooth user satisfaction has become a top aim for developers. A method to accomplish this can be achieved by including clever replies in your Android application. Intelligent responses provide users pre-determined reply options, minimizing time and exertion when interacting with the application. Firebase Machine Learning Kit, an extensive machine learning framework, offers robust tools to integrate smart response capability in mobile apps for Android. Within this post, we will examine the process of generating sophisticated replies on Android by employing Firebase ML Kit. I will proceed through the ... Read More

Understanding Android Things (Android of Things)

Mr. Satyabrata
Updated on 31-Aug-2023 12:43:27


In the year 2015, Google unveiled Android Things, an embedded operating system platform. The phrase "Hardware based development" is used to describe Android Things. You may create IoT devices using the Android Things platform, which is an addition to the Android operating system. Since you are all familiar with Android Development, you can create Android Things using your current software skill set. To create IoT software quickly and efficiently, developers can use well−known tools like Android Studio and the Android SDK. They can then grow the hardware from a single prototype into mass production. Anyone can create commercial ... Read More

Android Listview in kotlin with example

Priya Mishra
Updated on 23-Aug-2023 14:15:07


Introduction The ListView in Android has the adapterView attributes. This view will display a vertical list of scrollable views that are layered one on top of the other. With the help of an adapter, items from an array or database are imported into the list. The setAdaptor() function is used to display the list's contents and to combine a list and an adapter together to make a list. The ViewGroup is the component of ListView that is used to display the list of objects in an android application. It provides an adapter that allows for the dynamic addition of items ... Read More

How can I learn Java for Android Development?

Priya Mishra
Updated on 23-Aug-2023 11:48:53


Introduction The first question that comes to our mind is how Java came into existence? This project was started by members of the Java team (also known as the Green Team) to create a language for digital devices like set-top boxes, televisions, etc. However, internet programming was where it excelled. Later, Netscape incorporated Java technology. We can use Java language to create applications in the IDE (Integrated development environment) called android studio. But first, we need to know how Java is used for Android development. What is Java? Java is an Object-Oriented programming, general-purpose, and high-level language. It is mainly ... Read More

Difference between Android and Brew

Md. Sajid
Updated on 16-Aug-2023 13:19:50


Android and BREW (Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless) are mobile operating systems that have been developed for smartphones and other mobile devices. Read this article to find out more about Android and BREW and how they are different from each other. What is Android? Google's Android is a widely used open-source mobile operating system. It was first published in 2008 and has since become the dominant platform for smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and other gadgets. Android is based on the Linux kernel and was designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices, although it has been ported to a variety of different ... Read More

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