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Connecting to SQL Database using SQLAlchemy in Python

Utkarsha Nathani
Updated on 13-Sep-2023 11:07:16


SQLAlchemy is one of the popular Python libraries used for working with the databases. It offers a high-interface for connecting to variety of databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB. So, with the help of SQLAlchemy, Python codes can be written which interacts with the database in a more meaningful and intuitive way, that is without writing the SQL queries directly. In this article, we will discuss how to connect to a SQL database using SQLAlchemy in Python. First of all, let us understand what is and SQL database and what is SQLAlchemy. SQL Database A SQL database is ... Read More

Connecting PostgreSQL with SQLAlchemy in Python

Utkarsha Nathani
Updated on 13-Sep-2023 10:54:27


Python provides variety of libraries one of them is SQLAlchemy, it provides an Object Relational Mapping (ORM) system for working with databases, including PostgreSQL. It is used for the purpose of storing and managing huge amount of structured data by the developers. By connecting both of them we can create a more productive and efficient database. In this article, we will learn how to connect PostgreSQL with SQLAlchemy in Python. What is SQLAlchemy? It is a powerful library that helps in simplifying the process of working with the databases, and is widely used in web development and data analysis. ... Read More

Connect to MySQL using PyMySQL in Python

Utkarsha Nathani
Updated on 13-Sep-2023 10:59:56

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What is PyMySQL? It is a python library which is used for connecting MySQL database. It is completely written in Python and uses python for communicating with MySQL server. Compatible with Python 2.7 and python 3.x, and provides a simple and instinctive interface for connecting to the MySQL database, executing SQL queries and for retrieving results. Why PyMySQL? It does not require any additional software, it is easy to use, provides security that is it supports SSL connections for secure communication, hence it is a popular choice for building Python applications that require database connectivity. What is MySQL MySQL ... Read More

Connect MySQL database Using MySQL – Connector Python

Utkarsha Nathani
Updated on 13-Sep-2023 10:50:01


Python comes with a large number of libraries and frameworks which help solving various tasks. MySQL connector helps in accessing and manipulating the data in a MySQL database. In this article, you will learn how to connect to a MySQL database using MySQL Connector Python. We will start the article by learning the basics of MySQL, then about the connection formation, advantages of connecting MySQL with MySQLConnector, and the errors which can occur during the process. MySQL is a relational database management system (RDBMS) that can store and manage a wide range of data. It helps in completing ... Read More

How to Change Root Password of MySQL or MariaDB in Linux?

Satish Kumar
Updated on 24-Aug-2023 20:39:54


Introduction As with any password, the root user password for a MySQL or MariaDB database should be changed regularly for security reasons. The root user has complete access and control over all databases and tables within the system, making it a prime target for any potential attacks. Regularly changing the root password can help prevent unauthorized access to your data, as well as provide an added layer of security against potential server breaches. Checking Current Root Password A root user is a powerful administrator account that has full access to the MySQL or MariaDB server. It is important to regularly ... Read More

DDL(Data definition language)

Amrendra Patel
Updated on 22-Aug-2023 17:45:05


Data Definition Language(DDL) is used for describing data and its relationship in a database. It is also used to define the database schema. The commands only affect the database structure and not the data. The main DDL commands are create, alter, drop and truncate. Create Statement It is used to create a database or table. While creating the table, we specify table_name, column_name followed by data_types(int, float, varchar, etc) and constraints(primary key, not null, etc) Syntax CREATE TABLE table_name ( column1 datatype, column2 datatype, ..... ) Example In this ... Read More

Data Control Language(DCL)

Amrendra Patel
Updated on 22-Aug-2023 17:41:11


DCL(Data Control Language) work is to deal with sql commands that are used to permit a user to access, modify and work on a database. it is used to access stored data. It gives access, revoke access and change the permission to the owner of the database as per the requirement. It helps in how sql can use a user authority to modify or retrieve data and protect against unauthorised access. It complements data manipulation language(DML) and data definition language(DDL). It is the simplest among the three command It is basically used for enforcing data security. DCL Commands ... Read More

Data Replication

Amrendra Patel
Updated on 22-Aug-2023 17:38:04


Data replication means copying the data at multiple locations to improve the availability of data. It is used to remove the inconsistency between the same data which results in a distributed database so that users can do their own task without interrupting the work of other users. There are various types of Data Replication in DBMS as follow − Types of Data Replication Transactional Replication It makes a full copy of the database along with the changed data. Transactional consistency is guaranteed because the order of data is the same when copied from publisher to subscriber database. It is ... Read More

Data Preprocessing in Data Mining

Amrendra Patel
Updated on 22-Aug-2023 17:35:20

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Data preprocessing is an important process of data mining. In this process, raw data is converted into an understandable format and made ready for further analysis. The motive is to improve data quality and make it up to mark for specific tasks. Tasks in Data Preprocessing Data cleaning Data cleaning help us remove inaccurate, incomplete and incorrect data from the dataset. Some techniques used in data cleaning are − Handling missing values This type of scenario occurs when some data is missing. Standard values can be used to fill up the missing values in a manual way but ... Read More

Data Objects, Attributes and Relationship in DBMS

Amrendra Patel
Updated on 22-Aug-2023 17:32:49


Data Objects Data objects refers to a collection of various attributes which are combined to make it understandable. Data object values have their own unique id, attribute and data types. The most common type is the data table. Data objects are mostly represented in data models, which resolve with the relationship among the data objects. Types of Data Objects Array is a one-dimension data object. i.e, can be a single column in a table. Example Student Name Aman Naman Monu Records Records refers to a single row for every ... Read More

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