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Biodegradable and Non Biodegradable Waste

Praveen Varghese Thomas
Updated on 15-Dec-2022 16:00:38

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Introduction The biodegradable, name itself is a combination of two words that are bio and degradable which means any substance or object is capable of being degraded or decomposed through bacterial action or by any other living organisms without producing any kind of pollution. And, this biodegradation process is assumed to occur naturally. Some examples of biodegradables are organic wastes, paper, woods, etc. While Non-biodegradable or not-biodegradable means any substance or object that is not capable or incapable of being decomposed or broken down by the action of bacteria, fungi, or any other form of life. Some examples of non-biodegradable ... Read More

Biodegradable and Non Biodegradable Polymers

Praveen Varghese Thomas
Updated on 15-Dec-2022 15:42:35

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Introduction Biodegradable and non-biodegradable polymers are two categories constituted of large molecules. These polymeric substances are those macromolecules formed by the linkage of smaller repeating units called monomers. Polymers like cellulose, proteins, nucleic acids, paper, glass, plastic, and rubber are some of its examples. These large molecules and polymers are broken down into simpler molecules under two conditions - naturally or synthetically. Natural change is the biological activity of enzymes, and synthetically undergoing changes are due to adding chemicals to these polymers. The process of degradation or breaking down of large molecules into simpler ones under such conditions is called ... Read More