SAP Universe Designer - Using Formula Bar

You can view formula bar by navigating View → Formula Bar. It is a text box above universe window and you can also see 3 buttons left to formula bar.

Formula Bar

In formula bar, you can see formula or expression of any selected join in the "Structure" pane, or selected object in the "Universe" pane. To see the formula, select the object as shown below and you can see formula used.

Universe Pane

Following edit buttons are placed to the left of formula bar −

Close Button Cancel last modification that has not been validated. If you make several changes to a join expression without validating the changes, clicking Cancel returns the expression to its original state. If you want to undo any individual modifications, you should use the Edit > Undo option, or click Undo.
Clicked Button Validate expression. This applies any changes to the join expression. You can undo changes after validation use the Edit > Undo option, or click Undo.
Function of X Open Edit Join dialog box for selected join.

You can modify a join using the "Formula Bar" by following below steps −

Click a join that you want to edit. The formula for the join appears in the "Formula Bar".

Modify Join

You can modify the expression as required and to apply change, click on validate to apply the changes.

Modify Expression