SAP Universe Designer - Object Types


In a Universe, an object is derived from data in DW system. There are three types of objects used in a Universe as given below −


Dimensions are parameters used for analysis and are also linked to hierarchies like time and geography. For example, Product, Customer, Time, Region, etc.


Detail provides more information about dimensions like Phone number, address, etc.


Measures are numerical values used in analysis and quantifies a dimension object. Examples include: Profit, Margin, Net Sales, Revenue, etc.


In the above schema, you can see different dimensions and measure values. Measure values are part of Sales fact table.

Schema in Universe designer are created based on tables and joins to return the data in BI report and dashboards. Business users do not see the schema objects, and these are only visible to Universe designers in UDT tool. Schemas are created in structure pane of Universe window in UD tool.

Schema With Tables

Here you see a schema with tables, joins and columns are used to build it.