SAP Universe Designer - Table Browser


When you want to create schema using table browser, you can see existing view of tables and columns in target database. Using table browser, you can select tables in your database to add to schema. To view columns, you can click on expand button.

Table browser is not visible by default and you need to activate table browser using any of the options given below −

Select Insert → Tables as given in the following image −

Insert Tables

Table Browser Details

Alternately, you can click on empty space in structure pane as shown below −

Empty Space

Or Click the Table Browser button. The "Table Browser" window appears in the "Structure" pane. Then, you can insert tables from table browser to Structure pane using any of the below methods −

Click a table and click the Insert button.

Insert Button

Or Right-click on a table and select Insert from the contextual menu

Contextual Menu


Double-click a table.


Click a table and drag it into the "Structure" pane and table appears in the "Structure" pane.

Inserting Multiple Tables

There are many ways to insert multiple tables. First is to hold down CTRL key while you click individual tables.

Second method is that you can also hold down SHIFT key while you click the first table and last table in a continuous block of tables and this will select multiple tables.

Inserting Multiple Tables

To view data from table browser, you can select View Table Values from the contextual menu.

Third way is to select View Column Values from the contextual menu.

Column Values

This will open box listing the data contained in the table or column −

Open Box Listing

Arranging Tables in the Structure Pane

You can also automatically arrange tables in structure pane. Navigate to View → Arrange Tables

Arranging Tables

Once you select Arrange tables, this will organize tables in order as shown below −

Organize Tables