SAP Universe Designer - User and Groups

In the Universe design tool, the access to users and groups are managed using restrictions. To view restrictions for all Universe users and groups, navigate to Tools → Preview Security Restrictions and this will open preview users and groups dialog box.

Preview Security Restrictions

Preview Net Access

To view account restrictions on any of user account or group, select user or group name from list → Preview.

You can see Parameters and options that appear in red that have been modified and applied specifically to the restriction. If there are no restrictions on any user/group, the below message pops up −

Popup Message

Managing Logins in UDT

It is also possible to login as different user without quitting your existing session. To login as different user, go to Tools → Login as.

Managing Logins

This closes any open Universe automatically. You need to pass authentication details in dialog box. Enter User Name and Password, and click OK button.

User Identification

Managing Passwords in UDT

In the UDT tool, you can also change your login password. To change password, go to Tools → Change Password.

Managing Passwords

You need to enter old password and new password in the dialog box → OK.

Change Password