SAP Universe Designer - unv File to unx File


To convert a unv file to unx file, you can use Upgrade Management tool UMT or it can be directly performed in IDT. First login to Information Design tool, and go to File → Convert .unv Universe.

Convert Unv File

You can select unv file saved in repository or on local folder. Once you connect to BO repository, you can find all Universe published to repository in the left pane.

Left Pane

In the next window, you have an option to select conversion parameters. Select the available checkboxes which are suitable as per requirement → Convert button.

Convert Button

Once conversion is done, under status column, you find “conversion done” message. You can also change the destination folder to save .unx file under Destination field. To select another Universe from repository for conversion, you can click on Universe icon located at the right side as shown below −

Conversion Done