SAP Universe Designer - Creating Schemas


A graphical representation of tables and joins organized to create a database structure is known as schema. Table used in schema contains columns which are mapped to object names in Universe which are used by business users to create reports and analysis dashboards. Schemas are created in structure pane using tables from target database. Tables are added to schema using table browser.

A schema in structure pane usually looks as below −

Structure Pane

Following stages are there in a schema design −

  • Inserting tables and organizing
  • Setting up table joins and cardinalities
  • Fixing join issues: loops, chasm traps, and fan traps
  • Performing integrating test of schema

When you drag a table from table browser to Structure pane, you can see all columns and their data types. When you drag tables, you need to set up table joins and cardinalities.

Table Browser

You can select different join types and cardinalities based on data in both tables. You can also click on detect button to select cardinalities automatically.

Edit Join

To perform an integrity check, click on Tools → Check Integrity.

Check Integrity

Once you click on check integrity, select all the options that you want to perform a check and click on OK.

Integrity Check