Creating, Editing and Saving

A Universe Designer usually performs the following tasks −

  • Conducting user needs analysis

  • Designing and creating the Universe

  • Distributing the Universe

  • Maintaining the Universe

Let us see how you can create a Universe on a BEx query and publish in repository to be used for BI reporting. In the coming section, screenshots are included for easy understanding.

To create a new connection, click on File → New button.

New Button

You have to enter the Universe name and click on Next button. You can also use an existing connection from repository using drop-down list.

Next step is to select the connection type from drop down as secured and give a connection name and click Next.

New Connection

In the next window, select SAP Client → Next. In next window, you have to the enter authentication and BW system details as shown below −


Select Bex query and click Next and Finish. You can also perform a Test Connection and once connection is successful, click on the Next button to complete Universe creation.

It will show number of objects, classes, filters created in Universe from Bex query.

Bex Query

Once Universe is created, it has to be published to Repository. To publish universe, go to File → Export and select available domain from the list.

Export Universe

When Universe is created using a connection pointing to a database, you can create schema and click on Save button to save universe. Select File → Save and enter name for the universe file → Click Save.

Save Universe

Following are the parameters of Universe −

  • File name (8 characters) − This is used to refer Universe in Webi tool.

  • Long name (35 characters) − This is used by Web Intelligence users.

  • Description − This is used by Web Intelligence users.

  • Unique numeric ID − This number is assigned in CMS to identify Universe when it is first exported to CMS.

The following connection types are available −


Personal connections are not used to build and distribute universe in BO environment. They are unsecured connections and available to the creator and on computer which it is created.


Shared connections are unsecured connections and also used for data access to all users.


Secured connections are used to control data access and they are created using Universe design tool. You should use secured connection if you want to distribute Universe using CMS. You can also set a password on any Universe built on a personal or shared connection.

To set the password, navigate to Tools → Options → Save tab.


Enter the password in the Protection Password or the Write Reservation Password text boxes. You can enter up to 40 alphanumeric characters → OK.