SAP Universe Designer - OLAP Data Sources

You can also create a Universe on top of an OLAP cube or query. When a connection is selected pointing to an OLAP cube, it creates a Universe automatically. Connection to an OALP data source can be created using connection wizard.

Following OLAP data sources can be used to create OLAP Universe automatically −

  • SAP Business Warehouse
  • Microsoft Analysis Service MSAS
  • Hyperion Essbase

While using SAP BW as an OLAP data source for Universe creation, you can create Universe directly on an Info Cube, Bex or on an info Provider. You can use standard and transactional info cubes to create OLAP Universe or you can also use virtual info cubes.

In an OLAP Universe built on SAP BW data source, different Universe features are supported. Below table lists common supported features −

Characteristics (incl. Time and Unit) InfoCube/BEx Query
Hierarchies InfoCube/BEx Query
Basic Key Figures InfoCube/BEx Query
Navigational Attributes BEx Query only
Display Attributes InfoCube/BEx Query
Calculated Key Figures / Formulas BEx Query only
Restricted Key Figures BEx Query only
Custom Structures BEx Query only
Variables BEx Query only

You can see Bex queries supported more Universe features as compared to InfoCube and InfoCube requires more effort to customize Universe.

While using MSAS as data source, you can see features supported in an OLAP Universe in the below table −

Cube Supported
Local cube Supported
Virtual cube (MSAS 2000) Supported
Perspective (MSAS 2005) Supported
Dimensions Supported
Virtual dimensions (MSAS 2000) Supported
Hierarchies Supported
Levels Supported
Level Property Supported
Attributes (MSAS 2005) Supported
Measures Supported
Measure group (MSAS 2005) Supported
Calculated measures Supported
Display folder (MSAS 2005) Supported
KPI (MSAS 2005) Not Supported

While using Hyperion Essbase as data source, you can see features supported in an OLAP Universe in the below table −

Block storage mode Supported
Aggregate storage mode Supported
Hybrid mode Not Supported
Alias tables Supported
Dimensions Supported
Attribute dimensions Supported
Duplicate members Supported
Generations Supported
Levels Not Supported
User Define Attributes (UDA) Not Supported
Dynamic Time Series (DTS) Not Supported
Essbase Integration Services (EIS) Drill-through Not Supported
Substitution variables Not Supported
Linked partitions Not Supported