Using Connection Wizard

You can open connection wizard by clicking on New button in the New Universe creation page or you can navigate to Tools → Connections. Click Add in the "Wizard Connection" dialog box.

Wizard Connection

In the next window, you need to select Connection Type. The following connection types are supported by SAP Universe −

  • Secured
  • Shared
  • Personal
Connection Type

Select Secured for controlled access to the connection (recommended).

Select Shared to allow uncontrolled access to the connection to all users.

Select Personal to restrict access to the universe creator. You can use personal connections to access personal data on a local machine only.

Connection Type

When you click on Next button → You can see the list of available data access drivers.

You can also launch connection wizard from Quick Design wizard. Click on Begin button as shown below and it will take you to Define Universe parameter window.

Quick Design wizard

To open connection wizard, click on New button.

Open Connection Wizard

You can also check connection properties of an existing connection. Connection properties window of a connection shows the below fields −

  • General
  • Login Parameters
  • Configuration Parameters
  • Custom Parameters
  • Rights