SAP Lumira Online Quiz


Following quiz provides Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) related to SAP Lumira. You will have to read all the given answers and click over the correct answer. If you are not sure about the answer then you can check the answer using Show Answer button. You can use Next Quiz button to check new set of questions in the quiz.

Questions and Answers

Q 1 - Which of the following option you can use to copy the data locally and you can edit and manipulate the data to visualize in the charts using SAP HANA as data source?

A - Connect to SAP HANA

B - Download from SAP HANA

C - Analysis View

D - All of the above

Answer : B

Q 2 - Universes that are created with .unx extension using Information Design Tool/.unv files created in UDT and published to BI repository can be used as data source in SAP Lumira. Which of the following parameter value is not required normally to connect to Universe?

A - Host Name

B - Authentication Type

C - Port Number

D - User Name

Answer : C


Enter the Credential details for Universe −

  • Host name
  • User Name
  • Password
  • Authentication Type
  • Click on Connect option

Q 3 - You want to add a new calculated measure to data set acquired in SAP Lumira. Which tab you can use to achieve this?

A - Prepare

B - Visualize

C - Compose

D - Share

Answer : A

Q 4 - Which of the following layout elements are available when you select Board as Story page?

A - Shapes

B - Pictogram

C - Input Controls

D - Templates

Answer : C

Q 5 - You want to add a custom prefix to measure values, what is maximum length allowsd for prefix/suffix under display formatting?

A - 128

B - 256

C - 512

D - 1024

Answer : B

Q 6 - Which of the following function in SAP Lumria allows you to perform Union function on two datasets?

A - Combine → Merge

B - Combine → Append

C - Combine → Join

D - Combine → Union

Answer : B


Go to Data → Combine → Append

New window will open with Append data. To use append, both tables should contain same number of columns and compatible data types. Only compatible data types can be appended.

Select different source dimension to apply a Union with target dimension.

Q 7 - When you move to compose tab in SAP Lumira, which of the following otpition doesn’t appear to select a story type?

A - Infographic

B - Board

C - Report

D - Presentation

Answer : D


You can create different stories in SAP Lumira in presentation style document using visualization, graphics and other customizations that has been applied to dataset.

Once you go to compose tab you get multiple options to select an Infographic, Board or a Report.

Q 9 - SAP Lumira server via mobile can be accessed by which of the OS platform?

A - Android

B - Windows

C - Ios

D - All of the above

Answer : C

Q 10 - To apply Input control, which of the following panel can be used in Compose room?

A - Content Panel

B - Page Settings

C - Preview

D - Chart Builder

E - Story Selector

Answer : A


Select Input Controls on the Content Panel. Dimensions from the selected dataset appear on the gallery above the Content Panel. If you want to view dimensions from a different dataset, choose it from the dataset selector → Drag a dimension to the story.