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Following quiz provides Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) related to SAP Lumira. You will have to read all the given answers and click over the correct answer. If you are not sure about the answer then you can check the answer using Show Answer button. You can use Next Quiz button to check new set of questions in the quiz.

Questions and Answers

Q 1 - Which of the following is not an option when you add a new dataset to Lumira?

A - Connect to SAP HANA

B - Microsoft Excel

C - SAP Business Warehouse

D - Analysis View

E - Copy from Clipboard

Answer : D


Add new Dataset

Q 2 - SAP Lumira allows you to create dataset by using SQL query for target data source manually. Which of the following driver type is used for typical databases?


B - OData


D - All of these

Answer : A


You can use JDBC drivers for typical databases like −

  • Oracle
  • SQL Server
  • IBM DB2
  • Sybase
  • Teradata

Q 3 - Which of the following is default chart type in SAP Lumira?

A - Bar Chart

B - Area Chart

C - Heat map

D - Donut chart

Answer : A

Q 4 - Which of the following chart type in Lumira is not used to perform comparison on the values?

A - Bar Chart

B - Pie, Donut Chart

C - Radar Chart

D - Area Chart

E - Heat map

Answer : B


This chart types are used to compare the difference between values. Common comparison charts are −

  • Bar Chart
  • Column Chart
  • Radar Chart
  • Area Chart
  • Heat map

Q 5 - You can save a chart in Lumira by going to properties and copy it to Clipboard. Which of the following is not a correct export size option you can select to send it in email?

A - Medium

B - Tiny

C - Small

D - Large

Answer : B


You can use copy to clipboard option. Select the Export size and click on OK.

Copy to Clipboard

You can paste this chart in any Document file, Paint, etc.

Send by mail → Select an Export size → OK It will attach the chart in mail and you have to enter the recipient email id.

Q 6 - Which of the following function in SAP Lumria allows you to perform Union function on two datasets?

A - Combine → Merge

B - Combine → Append

C - Combine → Join

D - Combine → Union

Answer : B


Go to Data → Combine → Append

New window will open with Append data. To use append, both tables should contain same number of columns and compatible data types. Only compatible data types can be appended.

Select different source dimension to apply a Union with target dimension.

Q 7 - When you create a story in SAP Lumira in compose tab, which of the following panel is not avialble under Compose tab?

A - Content Panel

B - Page Settings

C - Preview

D - Chart Builder

E - Story Selector

Answer : D


Content Panel −

On left side, it contains different types of content that you can add to story page. You can select any item and drag it to a section in story page.

  • Dataset Selector
  • Story Selector
  • Preview
  • Filter Bar
  • Add Page and Delete Page
  • Page Settings, Etc.

Q 8 - What is the trial period for SAP Lumira Desktop and server version from SAP Market place?

A - 15 days

B - 30 days

C - 45 days

D - 60 days

E - 90 days

Answer : B

Q 9 - SAP Lumira server via mobile can be accessed by which of the OS platform?

A - Android

B - Windows

C - Ios

D - All of the above

Answer : C

Answer : C


In the Compose room, select the page to add dynamic text to. Select the text element and position the pointer where you want to insert dynamic text. You can also highlight existing text you want to change to dynamic text. On the TEXT PROPERTIES panel, select the Add or Edit Dynamic Text icon


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