SAP Lumira - Charts, Stories & Datasets

Once you are done with the datasets, visualizations and stories, there is an option to export, print or publish them.

Export Dataset as File

Step 1 − You can save dataset as .csv or. xls file.

Step 2 − To do this, go to the Share tab and select the dataset from the left panel. Go to File → Export As.

Export Dataset

You will get an option to save it as a .xls or .csv file.

Exporting Stories

You can export a story in PDF format. You can also select all pages to export or number of pages in range option.

Export Story

Exporting Visualizations in Email or Print

You can export to a printer or can also send in an email to a user.

Step 1 − Go to options in a Visualization and click on Send by mail.

Exporting Visualizations Step1

Step 2 − Choose an Export Size, Small, Medium or Large and Click OK.

Exporting Visualizations Step2

Step 3 − To Print a Visualization, go to the Share tab → Select Visualizations and you will get an option to Print Visualization at the top.

Exporting Visualizations Step3

Step 4 − You will get options under Printer like PDF, Send to One Note, etc.

Step 5 − You can also select the Copies, Page, Size, Orientation and Layout under Print Visualization.

Exporting Visualizations Step5