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Creating Hierarchies

This option can be used if the acquired dataset contains data that can be converted to hierarchies like Time hierarchy or Region hierarchy.

Hierarchies are used to display data at different granularity level and you can drill up/down at different levels for better understanding of relationship between objects.

Creating a Geography hierarchy

When the data is acquired, the application looks for dimension containing location and present with an icon.

Step 1 − Click the icon in front of a dimension. From the available options, select Create a Geographic hierarchy → By Names (this option is available only for string dimensions).

Creating Geography Hierarchy Step1

Step 2 − A new window will open with the name Geographical data → select the dimension to map to hierarchy. Click Confirm.


Country Cust_Name QTY PROD State
India Jack 1 Phone Haryana
England Jone 3 Tab Durham
India Andy 5 Phone Punjab
India Ana 2 Watch Chennai
England Tim 6 Tab Kent

Step 3 − If Region does not apply to the dataset, select None from the list.

Creating Geography Hierarchy Step3

Step 4 − It will show you, a list of all the analyzed values, Solved and Not Found. For all the solved values, it will create a hierarchy. Click Done.

Creating Geography Hierarchy Step4

You will observe the following −

  • Locations mapped exactly are marked with green.

  • Locations with more than one possible match (for example, if more than one city named London was found) are marked with yellow.

  • Locations not found in the geographic database are marked with Red.

  • Hierarchy will be added under Geographical data.

Adding Hierarchy

Step 5 − To use this chart, select any Geo chart like Geo Bubble chart.

Step 6 − Add Country to Geography and Measure to the chart. Select the value in the chart and you will get a drill option to the next level.

Creating Geography Hierarchy Step6

Step7 − If you click the Drill option, you will go to the next level and so on.

Creating Geography Hierarchy Step7

In a similar way, you can apply Time hierarchy.

Creating a Custom Hierarchy

You can create hierarchies using any available combination of dimensions in acquired dataset.


Category → Product Line → Product

Country Cust_Name QTY PROD PROD Category
India Jack 1 Samsung Note 4 Phone
England Jone 3 XOLOQC800 Tab
India Andy 5 Apple6s Phone
India Ana 2 Titan Watch
England Tim 6 Lenovo A1000 Tab

Follow the steps given below −

Step 1 − Select Category → Options → Create a Custom hierarchy

Creating Custom Hierarchy Step1

Step 2 − A new window will open. Enter the name of the hierarchy and select the other dimensions to add to the next levels. Click Create. The arrows can be used to change the level.

Creating Custom Hierarchy Step2

Step 3 − The Product hierarchy will be added under the Dimensions tab.

Creating Custom Hierarchy Step3

Step 4 − Add a Bar chart and then Add Category and QTY to measures.

Creating Custom Hierarchy Step4

Once you click the Category option, you will get an option to drill down to the next level (PROD).

Category Option
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