SAP Lumira - Creating Stories

You can create different stories in SAP Lumira in presentation-style document using visualization, graphics and other customizations that have been applied to the dataset.

You have to customize the compose tab once and you get multiple options to select an Infographic, Board or a Report.

Enter the name of the Story and click Create. You have different panels in Compose tab as shown in the screenshot.

Compose Tab

Content Panel

The left panel contains different types of content that you can add to the story page. You can select any item and drag it to a section on the story page.

  • Dataset Selector
  • Story Selector
  • Preview
  • Filter Bar
  • Add Page and Delete Page
  • Page Settings, Etc.
Left Content Panel

Creating Stories with Charts and Data

Step 1 − To create stories using chart, go to Compose and select a Blank Infographic. Click the Create button as shown in the screenshot below.

Creating Stories Step1

In the left panel, you will get options to add Visualizations, Text, pictures, pictograms, etc.

Step 2 − To add multiple visualizations in a story, just click on the + sign at the bottom pane.

Creating Stories Step2

Step 3 − Drag a chart you want to add, to the story.

Creating Stories Step3

Step 4 − Suppose you want to add two charts in your Lumira story. One by the Customer and other by the product. Drag one chart to Story area.

Step 5 − You can also do page settings, Back ground color, etc.

Step 6 − To add another chart, go back to the Visualize tab and make changes to the Chart Dimension and measure panel.

Step 7 − Go to Compose tab and select the next chart to be added. All Visualizations in Visualize tab will be shown under the left panel. You can create multiple visualizations to create stories.

Creating Stories Step7

Step 8 − At the top, you have an option to preview the story in desktop preview, tablet preview and mobile device. Click the Preview icon. To go back, click the Preview icon again.

Creating Stories Step8