SAP Lumira - Visualize Phase

This is used to create different type of charts and visualizations on the dataset available in Prepare tab. Main areas under Visualize tab are −

Visualize Phase

Dimensions and Measures Panel

On the left side, you have the dimensions and measures acquired in the dataset and are available to create visualizations.

You can directly drag the objects from this panel to the chart pane to create the charts on X and Y axes. At the top, you have Horizontal and Vertical Orientation to change the display of objects in this panel.

Visualizations Dimensions Measures

Chart Canvas

This is used to create or modify a visualization. You can directly drag attributes and measures to chart canvas or can add to chart builder.

You can add various tools like −

  • Sorted by Dimensions
  • Add or Edit a ranking by measures
  • Clear Chart
  • Fit chart to frame
  • Reprompt
  • Refresh
  • Settings
  • Maximize
  • Undo
  • Redo
Chart Canvas

Visualization Tools

Let us see the various tools used for visualization.

Step 1 − Go to File → Preferences → Charts → Charts Canvas Layout

Visualization Tools

Step 2 − You can select Chart Style, Template, Font Zoom, etc.

Chart Picker

You can select different types of chart from this panel. You have an option to select various types of charts in Lumira.

Chart Picker

Chart Shelves

Chart Shelves are used to add measures and dimensions to a visualization.

Chart Shelves