SAP Lumira - Working with Datasets

Adding Datasets

You can open multiple datasets in a single document and add dataset to a document.

The following steps will explain you how to add a data set.

Step 1 − Go to the Data pane at the top and select Add new Dataset.

Adding Datasets Step1

Step 2 − A new Dataset window will open. Select a Source and click Next.

Adding Datasets Step2

Step 3 − Click the Create button to add the dataset. To switch between the dataset, Click the drop down button and select the dataset you want to work on.

Adding Datasets Step3

Merging Dataset

You can also merge two datasets by using the Join operator.

Step 1 − Go to the Data pane at the top → Combine → Merge.

Merging Dataset Step1

To merge, note that −

  • They should have the same key column.
  • Column with the same data type can be merged.
  • All columns can be merged.

Step 2 − Once you click on Merge, it will show new window and compatible data type. Select Merge type and click Merge.

Merging Dataset Step2

All the columns will be merged and added to the measure and dimension panel.

SAP Lumira – Appending Datasets using Union Operator

You can use a Union operator to append two datasets.

Step 1 − Go to Data → Combine → Append.

Append Dataset Step1

Step 2 − A new window will open with Append data. To use append, both the tables should contain the same number of columns and compatible data types. Only compatible data types can be appended.

Step 3 − Select different source dimension to apply a Union with target dimension.

Append Dataset Step2

If the selected dimension contains compatible data type, the dimension can be appended. If both, the source and the target dimensions are different, a message appears, “Union cannot happen”.

Step 4 − Once you click Append, both the datasets are combined and this combined dataset contains the name of the original dataset.